Pilates Notes

Roller Flow Mat Class

The foam roller is a great prop to have – they can be used for self-massage, to add challenge or support to exercises, or just to add variety. This class uses the roller a lot in a number of different ways, including simulating footwork on the Reformer. Enjoy!

As always, use discretion when following a virtual fitness session. Don’t do exercises you’re unfamiliar with, don’t do anything that hurts, and follow the advice of your medical provider.

Jamie Kravitz teaches a mat class with lots of roller exercises

Exercises in the video

  • All fours warm-up: arch & curl, poodle tail, sternum drop, opposite arm & leg reach
  • Roller resting pose with arch/curl and lateral spine stretch
  • Roller legs release: quads and IT bands
  • Pelvic scoop seated on roller
  • Back & neck massage with roller
  • Bridging, hip dips/slides, bridge and leg stretch with roller
  • Footwork with the roller: parallel, V-feet, single leg
  • Abs: 100s, Roll-up with roller, Rolling like a ball
  • Spine stretch on roller: forward, side, twist, saw
  • Prone roller series: scapular mobilization, swan, feet beats, rockets, swimming
  • Roller resting pose (reprise)

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