Pilates Notes

Spine and Hips

Doing leg circles with the foam roller

I’m always trying to find fun and accessible ways to undo stress on the body from sitting at a computer all day. Daily sitting for long hours keeps the hips in flexion and the back and neck often slump. So in this session we cover a number of ways to mobilize, stretch and strengthen the hips and spine, while still getting that good ab work we expect from a Pilates workout.

As always when following a virtual fitness session, use your best judgement and follow your medical provider’s advice. If an exercise is new to you, watch it first before trying. If anything hurts or feels uncomfortable, skip the exercise until you can try it with supervision.


You’ll need a mat and a foam roller. I’m using a long (3′) one but it should be okay if you only have a short one.

Exercises in the video

  • All fours cat/cow, tail wag, hip circles, sternum drop
  • Opposite arm and leg reaches
  • Foam roller lateral spine stretch, flex and extend
  • Foam roller quad release, IT band release, glutes release
  • Pelvic scoop on roller
  • Upper back massage with roller
  • Bridging
  • Hip mobility series on roller: scissors, side opening legs, bicycles, frogs, leg circles, helipcopter, hip flexor stretch
  • Roll up (with roller)
  • Rolling like a ball
  • Teaser (pose only)
  • Side lying leg series: lifts, kicks, bicycles, circles
  • Swan
  • Rockets
  • Push-ups

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