Pilates Notes

Mat: Adding On

In this session there’s an into-level corkscrew, a teaser pose, and “leg pull down” (terrible name) which is a plank with some choreography challenge. These are great exercises to learn before doing full Teaser, Corkscrew, and advanced plank series.

As always when following a virtual fitness session, use your best judgement and follow your medical provider’s advice. If an exercise is new to you, watch it first before trying. If anything hurts or feels uncomfortable, skip the exercise until you can try it with supervision.


No special props today! Just yourself and a mat. I had a towel handy which can be used as a head rest and also good for wiping your face.

Exercises in the video

  • All 4s – Arch & Curl, Tail Wag, Mini-Plank, Hip Circle, Opposite Arm & Leg Reach
  • Lateral Spine Stretch
  • Seated & Supine Deep Abdominal Cue
  • Bridging
  • Supine Marching & 100s Prep
  • Windshield Wiper
  • Bridging with Hip Dips & Side Sliding
  • 100s
  • Roll Down/Roll Up
  • Rolling Like a Ball to Teaser Pose
  • Spine Stretch & Saw
  • Single Leg Stretch, Single Straight Leg Stretch, Double Straight Leg Stretch
  • Modified Corkscrew
  • Side Lying Legs – Leg Lift, Side Kick, Bicycle, Circles
  • Prone – Swan, Charlie Chaplin (beats), Rockets, Swimming
  • Leg Pull Down (with preparations)

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